Is BMI a Good measure of your body composition?

Understanding Your Body Composition

Nadine keeps track of her client's progress by monitoring various numbers ~ their weight, BMI (body mass index), waist circumference and % body fat.

When comparing the importance of these measurable results, the number on the scale and BMI do not compare to the information that the % body fat calculation can offer.  Calculating weight and BMI (your height versus your weight) won't give you an idea what the body is made up of - how much muscle, how much fat, and where the extra fat mass is located.  The % body fat on the other hand, provides Nadine with an accurate measurement of the amount of fat mass (in pounds) you have on your frame, as well as the corresponding lean body mass (muscle).  These numbers help to ensure healthy, realistic goals (what your healthy weight should be for instance) are developed.

Furthermore, tracking your % body fat while on Nadine's weight loss program  allows us to monitor your fat mass and lean mass to ensure you're ONLY losing fat, and not muscle.  When you lose weight fast you risk losing both fat and muscle (& for every pound of muscle you lose, you're burning approximately 60 less calories every day which makes it that much easier to gain the weight back).  

By losing weight the healthy way (1-2lbs/week) on a healthier lifestyle plan, you won't jeopardize your muscle!

When you book Nadine's SIGNATURE weight loss program, body compositions are done (using fat callipers/a tape measure) at the start and throughout the time you work with Nadine (tracking measurable results).

You can BOOK a BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS on it's own (apart from the signature weight loss program)!  It generally takes 30 minutes and Nadine will provide you with some great information on your current numbers and healthy goals!

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