Cancer Recovery

Have you Been Impacted by Cancer & Want to Ensure you're Living the Healthiest Lifestyle Possible?

Nadine is a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner - trained to work with clients recovering from cancer to examine contributing risk factors and develop a healthy meal (& lifestyle) plan to ensure optimal health and wellness (to prevent cancer recurrence).

A whole food diet is key!  Nadine will not only evaluate your current diet, unhealthy symptoms, health history + medications/supplements you're taking, but then sit with you to build a simple yet extremely healthy meal plan (with numerous meal ideas). She will ensure her guidelines follow the latest research/tools on the anti-cancer foods (and lifestyle factors) that will maximize your health!

Besides your diet, other issues Nadine will discuss (and factor into your plan)  include:

  • the strength of your digestive system (often chemotherapy can bring on irritable bowel symptoms) - and healing protocols will be included
  • the pH of your body's terrain (extra-cellular matrix) - as we want your body as neutral as possible 
  • the strength of your liver and immune system and tips to ensure they're working at maximum efficiency
  • current toxins that you may be unaware of (and eliminating them as best as possible)
  • emotional health and finding strategies to deal with unresolved conflicts 

Included in your package is a customized Cancer Recovery Binder filled with customized dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and other important information that will help get your health back on track!


My Cancer Recovery Program is 3 Months in Length (with the option to extend)

And consists of several one-on-one sessions with Nadine (in her office or online) to first develop your meal & lifestyle plan, and then receive ongoing education, support, and accountability to your healthier lifestyle plan.  Nadine will also be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the 3 months!

(Cost ~ $425 + GST)

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