Wellness Warning Signs

Man rubbing his temples to represent stress, foggy thinking, warning sign to wellness, etc.

We Have Stopped Listening to our Bodies

Do you ever feel that your body is changing and you're experiencing one

 (or many) unhealthy symptoms that you never had before?

THIS is your body's way of telling you 'something's up'!

A Holistic Nutritionist is trained to LISTEN to your BODY, and figure out the underlying reason why those symptoms are creeping up on you.  Instead of offering a 'bandage' solution, I review each client's symptoms, current diet & health history ~ and develop a meal (& lifestyle) plan to nourish the body, strengthen nutritional imbalances or weaknesses, 

and ultimately reduce/remove unhealthy symptoms.

Stressed woman. Stress can lead to issues with health and wellness

Maintain your Wellness by Paying Attention to these Common Warning Signs:

Digestive issues/IBS

- everything from gas & bloating, heartburn/GERD, gallbladder removal,

H. Pylori infection, gastritis, peptic ulcers, Candida/intestinal parasites, 

chronic constipation, diarrhea, Crohn's and colitis

Chronic Fatigue / Foggy Head 

Hypoglycemia / Diabetes / Extreme Sugar Cravings

High Cholesterol / High Blood Pressure

Hypothyroid & Adrenal Exhaustion (ie. STRESS)

Food Intolerances / Sensitivities

PMS / Menopause / Infertility

Joint & Muscle Pain

Allergies, Skin Issues & More...

Healthy salad with protein. Nutrition is medicine

Nutrition is Medicine

Unhealthy symptoms are a sign of nutritional weaknesses or imbalances.  

Nutrition is YOUR BEST form of MEDICINE!

My clients are always amazed how simple healthy 'tweaks' to their current diet can make all the difference!  Within the first few days or first few weeks my clients can't believe when the symptoms they've had for years start to disappear... all because of the healthy, balanced meal plan we've built together.

I truly believe a healthy, balanced  nutrition plan is the FOUNDATION required for optimal health & wellness!  

Quite often Unhealthy Symptoms are Tackled alongside Nadine's SIGNATURE Weight Loss Program!

However, an ADVANCE NUTRITION CONSULTATION can be booked on it's own as well ($175 + GST), 

with the option for follow-up appointments!

If you're READY to COMBAT unhealthy symptoms 

that have been plaguing you ~

Simply email or call Nadine

to learn more about this option!

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Recent Successes with Nadine's Programs

Mike ~ chonic joint pain

"I want to thank you for helping me get this far!  It's the best I've felt in many years and it's only been a little over a month!"

Tammy ~ IBS for years

"After working with Nadine for only a few weeks I can't believe how much better I'm feeling.  I'm not nearly as bloated and my stomach pain is gone!"