The "Signature" Weight Loss Program

Check out this great little video about Nadine's Weight Loss Program, which will help you to: 

* lose weight (for good)

* improve energy levels drastically

* reduce hunger and eliminate cravings

* minimize gas, bloating or other digestive issues

* reduce inflammation & joint pain

* sleep better at night 

AND feel so much healthier!

A journal to keep track of meals, as part of a healthy personalized meal plan program

Nadine's "Signature" Program is Simple, Healthy & REAL

If you're tired of all the quick-fix programs, gimmicks and mixed messages on what's going to work best for you ~ LOOK NO FURTHER!

Nadine created her business years ago to help clients sort through this 

and truly understand the healthy habits that will last a lifetime!  

She's helped hundreds of clients lose 20, 40, 60, even 100+ pounds 

by providing a personalized approach to their weight loss journey!

Nadine, with her husband,  tanned and looking vibrant and healthy

Her Personalized Approach

When you work with Nadine you will receive your own personalized meal  plan that's going to work best for you and your body/symptoms, 

to help see greatest success with your goals!

She's perfected her program over the years to provide the simplest, healthiest meal plans that are balanced and filled with good nutrition!  

You'll never feel hungry again, because this isn't another diet, 

but a healthier lifestyle with long-lasting results!

She'll also take a holistic approach, reviewing other factors that contribute to healthy weight loss ~ exercise/activity levels, sleep & stress management ~ and balanced plans will be developed in these areas as well, to 

ensure GREATEST SUCCESS, long-term!

Nadine after enjoying one of her favourite workout activities: cycling

Coaching, Accountability and 24/7 Support

As you begin your healthier lifestyle journey, Nadine will be by your side

 EVERY STEP of the WAY!  

Not only will she be reviewing a weekly update from you, but scheduling 

one-on-one coaching sessions, working on mindset shifts, answering questions, 

and keeping you accountable to your plan ~ so that you 

reach your goals SUCCESSFULLY overtime.

Once you sign on with Nadine's SIGNATURE weight loss program ~ you will also be part of an online 'healthier lifestyle support group' to share meal ideas, ask questions, and hear from others who on also learning to live a healthier lifestyle. You will ALSO gain access to her MEMBER'S ONLY section which is filled with informative information, in-home Exercise Videos and more...

It's Time to Invest in your Health, and see long-lasting results!

Her (10-week) 'Signature' Weight loss Program Includes:


A SIMPLE, healthy, and PERSONALIZED meal plan that you'll be EXCITED to start!

NO attached gimmicks ~ just REAL FOOD in the proper BALANCE using Nadine's balanced 'Nutrition Equation'!  

Exercise/activity, sleep and stress management tools will also be provided to ensure greatest success with Nadine's signature program, long-term!

IMMEDIATE, real results with healthy weight loss!

AND other common unhealthy symptoms will decline/subside as well - fatigue, extreme cravings/hunger, inflammation & joint pain, digestive bloat, gas, constipation, diarrhea or other IBS issues, PMS symptoms, etc.

A VALUABLE package of information!

Including meal & lifestyle habits that will OPTIMIZE your SUCCESS, a complete list of all foods with corresponding serving sizes, healthy meal ideas (even when going out), Nadine's simple healthy recipe booklet, exercise tips & videos, sleep & stress management tools and more!

WEEKLY review of your plan, tracking of all health goals & loads of ACCOUNTABILITY!

Nadine will support you every step of the way, keep you accountable, AND she'll also work at shifting negative MINDSETS that may slow down your healthier lifestyle journey!

ACCESS to her MEMBERS ONLY section!


* In-Home WORKOUT VIDEOS - each 12-20 minutes in length ~ great for adding in some strength/cardio/flexibility in the comfort of your own home!

As well as many other videos (and corresponding documents) on healthy nutrition, stress management AND cancer prevention!

AND you have the OPTION to keep working with Nadine after your 10-Weeks!

Nadine's clients LOVE the support and accountability that her program offers, and quite often choose to keep going for another 10-weeks (after the first 10)!  AN ADDED BONUS: your 2nd round is always HALF-PRICE!

Contact Nadine today to get started...

Recent Successes with Nadine's Programs

Greg & Tammy

"I've never had a weight loss plan that's been so successful before!  In 10 weeks I've lost 21lbs and my body composition has changed radically.  I dropped 29lbs of fat & gained 9lbs of muscle!  

My wife Tammy has now joined the program and she's doing extremely well too!"


"Nadine is caring and knowledgeable and wants to help you succeed in any way possible. 

She is very motivational but also practical. 

No fad diets or gimmicks with her!!! 

Just healthy lifestyle and positive thinking!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to live in Regina to work with Nadine?

No, not at all!  Nadine works with clients throughout Saskatchewan and across Canada online, and it's still JUST as effective as seeing Nadine in person!

Do the weight loss programs primarily focus on nutrition?

Nutrition is the biggest tool in the toolbox when living a healthier lifestyle (& losing weight).  She always starts her clients on a healthy, personalized meal plan, AND THEN helps clients with their exercise, stress management and sleep - to ensure they see maximum results!

Are there exercise plans available?

YES!  When you sign up for Nadine's weight loss program you will immediately have access to her MEMBERS ONLY section and all the information & exercise videos that she has developed 

(see more information under Exercise Programs)

Do I have to eat everything organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, etc?

No!  But if you want to incorporate this into your plan - you definitely can!  

Nadine provides a more 'balanced approach' with her business (therefore no long-term extremes), 

and develops the best, most realistic, healthy and sustainable meal plan for you!  

Can I join together with my family member or friend?

Yes!  Nadine actually encourages her clients to join with a family member or friend.  The more support, the better!  

AND when you join her weight loss program with someone, you receive a 10% discount on the price!

Do I track my weight throughout the program?

Nadine will not only track your weight, but your waist circumference & % body fat (to ensure you're not losing muscle).  

She ALSO tracks ALL other health goals you may have such as stress levels and fatigue, sleep, digestive issues, inflammation & joint pain and more!

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