My Promise to your health

Trained health weight loss expert, Nadine Howard

Nutrition (& Lifestyle) Education

Nadine Howard is an accomplished healthy weight loss specialist & 

lifestyle  coach with 12+ years of experience!  She has helped hundreds of clients over the years lose weight, 

live healthier, and feel better than ever before!

Nadine LOVES to share her knowledge and educate her clients on the simple, healthy habits that can really make a BIG difference!  

She will help clear up any confusion you may have about nutrition 

and develop the best plan for YOU moving forward!

Nadine completing a race with her father in Regina, Saskatchewan

Coaching, Support & Accountability

Nadine is passionate about helping her clients reach their health and wellness goals, and seeing long-term success.  She provides ongoing support, coaching (through the obstacles/challenges that may get in your way), 

and will keep you accountable to your plan!

One of her greatest successes was helping her Dad lose 60lbs (almost 10 years ago), and she also trained with him to walk the QCM half-marathon!  He has kept up his healthy habits, his walking, and to this day has kept off the extra weight and feels healthier than ever (at 71 years of age)

Someone walking forward to represent the first step it takes to move forward with ones health plan

The Healthiest Plan Possible (without gimmicks)

There are too many quick-fix gimmicks in our world today, and it's hard to know where to turn when you're surrounded by so many options.

Nadine cuts through all the mixed messages and gimmicks on the market and offers a REAL program that's based on 'getting back to the basics' of eating a healthy, balanced diet.  

She keeps up on the latest research and provides her clients with all the latest updates on the healthiest nutrition information/tools, and builds simple yet incredibly healthy, effective plans for long-term success!

I've got two Bachelor of Science Degrees...

As well as NUMEROUS diplomas/designations in Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Cancer Nutrition, Personal Training, Coaching clients through roadblocks and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (changing mindset & behaviours).  I take an integrative approach ~ combining science/research with holistic practices.

AND I've worked with 100's of Clients over the Years!

Not only will you receive a plethora of information, education and ongoing support from me, but loads of experience from working with clients for more than 10 years, as well as my own personal experiences...  

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