Introducing fitness programs to your life

Check out this GREAT little video about my IN-HOME FITNESS  PROGRAMS that I've created to help you add exercise into your healthier lifestyle! 

Nadine has worked in the fitness industry for years. She is skilled in building fitness programs

Nadine has worked in the fitness industry for almost 15 years!

I first became a group fitness instructor and taught a variety of classes at the YMCA, various gyms and recreation centres.  

I then worked to attain my Cdn Society for Exercise Physiology - Certified Personal Trainer certification.  I've been training clients in Regina, Saskatchewan for 10+ years... in gyms and in client's homes.  

I do not train one-on-one any longer (unfortunately there's just not enough time in the day)!

When it comes to a healthier lifestyle - exercise (and added activity) is a KEY component!

I always start with my client's NUTRITION PLAN, but adding in some exercise/activity (at some point) is very important to ensure optimal success.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines suggest 150 minutes or more/week!

This can be overwhelming for many (especially if you're not doing anything at the moment).  Nadine has always helped her clients start with a simple, realistic plan that's going to work for them.  Starting with just 10 minutes a day... it's amazing how quickly you will start to feel that exercise is part of your lifestyle, and soon that 10 minutes turns into 30 minutes/day!

Let's Start by Building your Fitness Program!

Nadine's 'exercise prescription' document helps her clients develop the best plan for them!  WHEN you work with Nadine ~ you automatically gain access to this in her MEMBERS ONLY section!

Her Exercise Videos...

Nadine has created several exercise videos for clients who need a simple place to start!  All her videos range from  10-25 minutes in length, and take place in her home using simple equipment (a kitchen chair, a couple dumbbells, etc.)  She wants to give her clients a simple (AND EFFECTIVE) exercise plan that they can easily incorporate into their lifestyle (and do in the comfort of their own home)!

When you sign on to work with Nadine ~ you will have ACCESS to all her In-Home FITNESS PROGRAMS!

Client's Comments over the Years

Nancy ~ worked with Nadine for 3 years in the gym

"Nadine is a wealth of health and fitness knowledge ~ 

an expert in weight training!  

She has a warm personality which makes workouts fun and interesting. Nadine is the real deal in an industry full of wannabes and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."

Kim ~ worked with Nadine for 2 years in the gym

"I first met Nadine when she was a fitness instructor at the YMCA. I loved her classes. I found them to be very supportive, challenging and a ton of fun!

I then started training with Nadine and looked forward to my training sessions every week! They were tough, challenging and so much fun!   I always felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards, thanks to Nadine's constant support and encouragement."